At Care Home Support and Training we work with Managers, Nominated Individuals and Providers to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements.

Expectations on social care services mean that Managers and Providers can sometimes feel overwhelmed with what appears to be increasing demands and ever changing requirements.  Care Home Support and Training work with you, offering professional support and expertise to find creative solutions to your challenges and problems.


How we can help

We offer a range of services that fall broadly into the following categories.  We will be happy to discuss these with you in more detail, as we understand more clearly what your requirements are.

Mock Inspections / Audits

Mock Inspections look at the five Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) that would be reviewed at a CQC Inspection.  We write a report and support you to address areas where improvements can be made.

Inspections can be for one, two or three days.  We also offer quarterly visits.

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Mentoring, Support & Training

We offer mentoring, support and training for Care Home Owners, Directors, Senior Managers, Registered Managers/Managers/Deputy Managers and the Care Home Team.

We offer training to help increase your team's understanding of the fundamental standards and ways that your service can improve as well as mandatory training courses.

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Quality Assurance Review

We complete a comprehensive quality assurance survey on your service, seeking the opinions of residents, their relatives, staff and visiting professionals.  Feedback is collated into a report of your choosing.

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Crisis / Interim Management

When you have no manager, or a manager who is struggling to keep abreast of the issues the service is facing, we can offer interim or crisis managers to help take the helm and guide the service into positive change.

Leadership and vision help to drive positive culture changes, which improve the outcomes for people living in your service.

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Regulatory (CQC) Issues

If you are facing CQC issues or challenges, such as inadequate or needs improvements ratings, we can help challenge the report; write an improvement plan; and make rapid improvements.

First and foremost, we will help to implement the changes required to make your service meet the regulations and fundamental standards - the level which no care service should fall below.

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Sometimes an independent investigation is required, for example for disciplinary or grievance purposes; a safeguarding investigation; or complaint management.  We can provide an independent point of view.

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Occupancy and Profitability

When profitability or occupancy is affected, we can investigate why and suggest ways in which you can get back on track.  We can support with commissioning discussions and marketing plans.

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HR Support

Staffing issues can be time consuming.  We can assist with the recruitment  and retention of staff; supervisions and appraisals; disciplinary and grievances; and training needs analysis.

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Care Home Maintenance

We can offer maintenance checks and support.  One area that we are extremely busy in is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing).  Technicians are qualified to C&G 2377/22 and 2377/32.

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Effecting Change

This is our hand on approach to help ensure that change management plans are successful.  We work alongside your staff to embed good practice so that it becomes second nature to them.

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Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures need to be reviewed regularly and updated to support evidence based practice.  You may require help with just one policy or a number.

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Care Home Documentation

Again, as with policies and procedures, you may need a review of some or all of your care home documentation.

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Next Steps...

If you feel you need some help and support or just want to talk to someone about your options, contact us by phone, email or the 'contact us' link.

Remember Care Home Support and Training are here to help!