CQC Cancel Registration of Croydon Care Home

CQC have announced today that they have cancelled the registration of a Croydon Care Home, which in effective means that they have closed it down.  You can read more here.

A few days ago, I commented upon how two care homes in Liverpool were in court – one being fined £16,000 for not providing safe care and treatment and the other who lost their appeal in the First Tier Tribunal and were therefore forced to close.

Providers and Managers need to recognise the powers that CQC have to protect people who use health and social care services.  CQC will force services to improve otherwise they will be prosecuted and forced to close.

Do not leave getting hep until it is too late.  If CQC have already raised concerns about the quality of your service, then you should seek help.  Care Home Support and Training can support you with this, so contact us now to discuss your needs.  We can point you in the right direction even if you do not use our services!